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About LondonRisk

London Risk Group is a privately-owned Global Intelligence and Policing Consultancy, providing intelligence solutions, training, capability and technical practices.

Encompassing our Intelligence, Policing and Background Checking divisions, London Risk are delivering global outputs across four continents.

Our experience is unrivalled with experience derived from our national security, defence, policing and commercial backgrounds.

Our unique combination of services, our geographical reach and our emphasis on confidentiality enables us to provide mature and niche services on a global scale.


Course Design & Delivery

Our team of experienced intelligence professionals will work with you to highlight and understand your needs in order to ensure our development process delivers to your requirements.


London Risk teach a range of highly sought-after skills, including staying anonymous online, setting up false identities, extracting and collating data using Maltego and graphing both historical and real-time data.

Crypto investigations

Developed by a world leading, highly-respected investigator and researcher, our cryptocurrency course empowers you to become a specialist in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.


A London Risk Data Protection Officer (DPO) is an easy way to access deep data protection and privacy knowledge (including GDPR) within your business, without the expense of a full-time internal staff member.


London Risk can help you implement appropriate data security measures to locate, identify and protect sensitive business and personal data within your organisation, enabling compliance with applicable legislation such as the EU GDPR.

ISO 27001

Certification to ISO 27001 standard offers both clients and suppliers the confidence to trust an organisation with the safe keeping of their information.

London Risk can develop your road map to full alignment to the ISO 27001 standard.

Crypto Investigations

We supply you with the tools and knowledge to confidently investigate transactions, examine most forms of cryptocurrency, as well as give appropriate evidence of your findings.

Open Source

Developed by a highly-respected investigator and researcher, this course focuses on your ability to gather information from the internet on individuals, groups and companies.

i2 Analyst's

The course is tailored for the individual who is new to i2 Analyst’s Notebook and relevant for those who work in national security, law enforcement and customer intelligence and research.

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