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London Risk Policing provide the capacity and capability to improve modern day policing through education, mentorship and support in creating a long term legacy plan in respect of the development of public and private sector and the fight against serious and organised crime.

LRPs approach to education sets them apart from other organisations. The strategic goal of the company is to empower both the public and private sector with the equipment required, the lessons needed and the ultimate tools required for education, investigation, prosecution and confiscation. LRP’s legacy programmes ensure that instructing agencies quickly develop champions in their required fields, giving them the necessary support network to self-deliver and educate the next generations, whilst providing peer review support and mentorships.

LRP provide a structure which brings together agencies, creating long term working partnerships and allow for the development of a network to both counter organised crime and the ensure that the often directed cost cuts are effectively made. Together the public and private sector need to work efficiently and effectively. Allow LRP to guide you on this process, utilising leading consultants and experts in their field to ensure that high quality programmes are tailored and developed to effectively manage any situation.

London Risk Policing has successfully delivered in the UAE, Eastern Caribbean, Latin America, South America, Africa, USA, Baltic States and South East Asia.

A brief list of our ongoing courses:

Asset Management Project

International Money Laundering




Cyber Crime

Crypto Currencies

Source Handling induction

CHIS and risk management course

Terrorist Financing

IP offences

Specialist interviewing

London Risk Policing


We supply you with the tools and knowledge to confidently investigate transactions, examine most forms of cryptocurrency, as well as give appropriate evidence of your findings.

Open Source

Developed by a highly-respected investigator and researcher, this course focuses on your ability to gather information from the internet on individuals, groups and companies.

i2 Analyst's

The course is tailored for the individual who is new to i2 Analyst’s Notebook and relevant for those who work in national security, law enforcement and customer intelligence and research.

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