iNTuition is a Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) methodology and process supplemented with a purpose built targeting and delivery tool.

Designed and tested by intelligence officers and technical experts, iNTuition synergises established operational techniques, methodologies, and technology to acquire information from online sources to support your intelligence analysis and targeting.

iNTuition has been rigorously tested and benchmarked in line with processes and methodologies within financial, crime, and terrorism investigations as well as commercial analysis and acquiring intelligence about individuals and other entities.

London Risk Group is currently supporting real time operational taskings around the world utilising iNTuition.

This cutting-edge capability has streamlined multiple sources of information and software to one defined process and tool.

The times of using multiple systems to gather information and collate has expired.

Time and brevity is critical, iNTuition is the enabler.



We supply you with the tools and knowledge to confidently investigate transactions, examine most forms of cryptocurrency, as well as give appropriate evidence of your findings.

Open Source

Developed by a highly-respected investigator and researcher, this course focuses on your ability to gather information from the internet on individuals, groups and companies.

i2 Analyst's

The course is tailored for the individual who is new to i2 Analyst’s Notebook and relevant for those who work in national security, law enforcement and customer intelligence and research.

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