Scientia background checking and pre-employment service

Scientia background checking and pre-employment service provides employers the ability to reduce risk when employing individuals and garner a detailed history and understanding of an individual’s background. This includes confirming their identity, criminal records, education, employment history and a full online profile of individuals.

Scientia is able to provide industry standard background checks for organisations at minimal cost. When looking at the background checking market Scientia quickly realised that competitors are charging astronomical prices for the most basic of checks. Scientia decided to provide standard background checks at minimal cost in order to enable organisations to budget, if required, for more in-depth checks and reports which can be carried out online.

Scientia’s market differentiator is the team of experts and market leading prices. Scientia is part of the London Risk Group which is a global intelligence and policing consultancy, delivering intelligence and policing packages to governments and police forces across four continents.

The Scientia team is made up of former UK intelligence and Police officers with specific experience in investigation, online profiling, Anti-Money laundering and social engineering.

A key service offered by Scientia is open source intelligence (OSINT), including reporting on an individual’s online footprint. A report will give you a full overview of an individual’s online presence, from all social media platforms and specific group affiliations to the Dark Web.

This report is generated through the experience of the Scientia’s experts, in addition to the utilisation of iNTuition which is the world’s first online methodology and technical application designed by former intelligence, police and technical experts.

London Risk Group provide OSINT training to governments and police forces across the globe. This same methodology is integral to the process of generating the Scientia background report.

When selecting a background checking provider ask them who is conducting the background checks? How were the individuals trained? What relevant qualifications do they have? Do they have policing and intelligence experience? Do they outsource the OSINT/Online check to another provider and not tell you?


Scientia offer a unique approach to financial services background checks. The Groups dynamics offer a team of industry experts with years of on the ground experience in a range of diverse fields. The groups infrastructure and diverse nature, include leading experts in the fields of cyber crime and cryptocurrency investigations, International experts in Money Laundering methodologies and typologies, including the criminal exploitation of the informal value transfer system. Industry leads in intelligence research, handling and investigation and a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Accountants.

In order to ensure that you are able to meet the standards set and conform with the regulations set by HMRC, the FCA or within the Money Laundering Regulations 2017; Scientia provide the range of services and checks required ensuring that the risk of non-compliance is eliminated.
To ensure compliance and to eliminate any threat from infiltration from organised crime and any data breaches we would recommend that screening should be undertaken not only of those who meet the need under the regulations but also those outside of and subject of regulation. From Money Laundering Reporting Officers, deputies, executives, book keepers, HR and office staff; Scientia can efficiently and effectively deliver detailed and cost effective checks at the level required.

Scientia provide identity checks, criminal record checks, right to work and adverse financial checks. In depth open source research and risk assessment packages. This allows for a whole picture to be developed, ensure compliance with set regulation and peace of mind around all levels of employment and reporting.

BPSS Check
• ID Check
• 3-year employment history
• Right to work check
• Criminal record check


• ID Check
• 5 Year employment history
• Right to work check
• Criminal record check
• Adverse financial and credit check
• Employment and activity Gap report
• Character reference


Financial Services and Accountancy
• Criminal record check
• Right to work check
• FCA Register
• Education check *
• 5-year employment history
• ID Check
• CV Verification
• Character reference
• Adverse financial and credit check


Basic Disclosure Check £40

Standard DBS Check £41

Enhanced DBS Check £59

Right to work check via APP £4

Driving License Report (DVLA) £15

Insider threat

The Insider Threat Program is designed to deter, detect and mitigate actions by insiders who represent a threat to your organisation. We make you aware of the common indicators and highlight actions and behaviours that can signify an insider threat.

We have successfully implemented this training by embedding individuals into organisations and networks to identify potential threats.

Physical penetration

We conduct physical penetration testing to infiltrate your organisation in order to test your physical and online security measures.

This is auditable and you then receive a report and recommendation on how to improve your security.

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