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Travel Risk

About TravelRisk

A bespoke travel risk consultancy, our team consists of a diverse group of subject matter experts with national security and military backgrounds.

Our reputation, professionalism and heavy emphasis on confidentiality are critical to our success. This is why we avoid providing an ‘off-the-shelf’ product or service. Instead, we invest time in getting to know you, what you do and how you operate, as well as your culture and current processes.

Our approach empowers us to provide you with unique, tailored solutions to your travel risk needs. As you’ll soon find out, we are not your typical travel risk consultancy.


Risk intelligence

Designed and delivered to you by our team of former UK Military Intelligence analysts, our risk and intelligence briefings are supported by our international network of in-country specialists.


Secure Travel

Starting in advance with pre-travel intelligence, risk assessments and reconnaissance, our team are prepared to travel with you in order to ensure your travel is as secure and successful as possible.


Always by
your side

Irrespective of the geographical location, our team of ex-Special Forces and ex-Military Intelligence accompany you and negate risks.

We can help you stay risk-resillient, anywhere.

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