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Expert Witness

Experience providing court testimony throughout the Court System. At London Risk we provide guidance, support and a clear understanding to assist the Court. Woking alongside criminal and civil litigation specialists, providing reports and evidence for both defence and prosecution teams. Specialising in the guidance in respect of Money Laundering and Money Laundering Regulations, Virtual Assets / Currency and Informal Value Transfer Systems (commonly referred to as Hawala Banking).

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What Is An Expert Witness?

An Expert Witness at is an individual with expert knowledge within a certain field or discipline. We allocate the most suitable representative for your case to ensure that we are able to provide independent expert reports for your case. Our Expert Witnesses will provide impartial, truthful and independent opinions, even if they do not help your case. They are there to provide an expert opinion to the court, and will always adhere to the Criminal Procedure Rules.

What Is An Expert Witness Report?

The purpose of an expert witness report is to provide an expert opinion on the case. This is mainly to provide the court with an experts opinion in order to allow a decision to be made.. Within the report, the facts and the expert opinion will be clearly separated.