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Andrew Tennant - Director of Policing

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Andrew Tennant is a subject matter expert witness in the field of Money Laundering methodologies and typologies for the National Crime Agency, providing investigation guidance and support; teaching and expert evidence in court cases. Andrew provides guidance upon money laundering investigations for both prosecution and defence case preparation.

He is also a member of the UK's advisory group on crypto currency exploitation and regulation. Andrew has been in the law enforcement arena for over twenty three years as a UK police officer, financial investigator, confiscator and tutor. Working upon organised crime investigations, serious and complex crime investigations, serious fraud investigations and major incidents, providing witness and suspect specialist interview management.

Andrew has worked through Europe in Greece, Poland, Albania and Bulgaria working alongside Interpol and Europol, providing international teaching and established training for the Bulgarian Anti-Corruption Police; and in 2017 Andrew undertook to write the Eastern Caribbean’s Financial investigation programme, peer review system and CPD, whilst based from Barbados. He worked directly alongside the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank in the development of Regulations for the Eastern Caribbean in respect of virtual currencies.

He has a successful track record in prosecutions around Money Laundering and fraud winning national awards in the field of criminal investigation, financial investigation and IP fraud.

In 2018 Andrew undertook a project in Bermuda offering specialist advice, guidance and training in respect of an international corruption and money laundering enquiry involving politically exposed persons. He also provided senior investigating officer support and guidance in respect of restraint, confiscation, investigation, disclosure and charge preparation.

Andrew is a member of the Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association and is a board member of both the Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crimes Agency (AMLFC) based in Miami and is an Honorary Fellow at the Institute of Financial Accountants based in the UK.

Andrew, as Director of Policing for London Risk, provides International guidance and teaching, offering Senior Investigating Officer strategy and policy notably in respect to economic criminality. Andrew has recently completed the guidance for the central bank of Kosovo relating to regulation of virtual currencies on behalf of the EU.

Daniel Fairfield - Director

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Daniel is former UK Military Intelligence, having been deployed on Land operations at tactical and strategic level supporting conventional and special forces.

Daniel is a leading expert in the provision of intelligence related services having designed and delivered packages on behalf of organisations such as UK Government and the United Nations.

From experience of working on commercial intelligence investigations it became apparent to Daniel that UK Companies were providing individual and commercial background checks without the necessary qualifications, training and understanding of intelligence.

Daniel now leads the UK’s first commercial vetting and background checking organisation that utilises iNTuition which is the world’s first online methodology and technical application designed by former intelligence, police and technical experts. The vetting team is now made up of former UK intelligence and Police officers with specific experience in investigation, online profiling, Anti-Money laundering and social engineering.

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